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March 26 2016


Fraternity Party Ideas for Nostalgia

It's the best years of your lifetime during college or at least that's what they say, so a Fraternity party is usually a great theme decision for your next party event. This theme brings back lots of nostalgia to your guests and the younger guests on the party will have fun just getting yourself into the fun feel with the event. If you like you'll be able to incorporate fraternity elements from decades long past to really add to the nostalgic feel. frat parties

Think old pennants using the Greek letters with them, noisemakers, keggers, and pledge days and you'll have lots of fodder on your fraternity party theme. You could even see if you can hold the party in an old fraternity house or at least in a large old house that is reminiscent of a fraternity house. There are several them around.

The guests probably won't want to party hardy like they used to in their college days to be able to want to focus on fun activities and food to maintain the guests entertained. Food stuffs that individuals tend to eat whilst in college may be ideal for a kick. It's not usually too different but be sure to have antacids on hand for those suffering from too many garlic bread, nachos and cheesy puffs.

For entertainment you can put a package of ramen noodles in everyone's goodie bags. Because so many will remember scraping by for weeks on a diet of ramen noodles during college. Also devote some fun items to remember people with the good old days of college. What about a few items traditionally created for graduation parties can be put in. You can find some personalized key rings, mini diplomas and so forth for the guests to maintain.

A dance marathon is only the way to go as far as activities are worried. You'll want to put on some pop music, so choose a party music CD that suits the fraternity party theme. Also don't forget the dance floor prizes to provide guests who really move their feet.

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